Super Stars

Super Stars is a five-level course book series for Brazilian primary schools that awakens children’s enthusiasm for learning English. Colourful, cognitively-appropriate activities keep children interested, ensuring that they enjoy their English lessons and remember what they have learnt. Fun, catchy songs written by award-winning musicians further reinforce children’s learning. Engaging stories introduce essential values such as being kind and friendly, while cross-curricular lessons bring school subjects such as maths and art into the English classroom. Accompanying each Student Book is a Multi-ROM that allows children to play language games and sing songs at school and at home.

This series was created specifically for the Brazilian primary school market, where English is taught for one to two hours a week. Brazilian teachers like to keep classes fun and light, focussing on students’ enjoyment of the lesson; however, large class sizes pose a challenge to classroom management. Super Stars takes this into account with a light approach to grammar coupled with fun, heads-down activities that keep children engaged and on-task.

Uniquely to the market, activities increase in challenge within each level, matching students’ cognitive and academic development over the school year. Innovative media components support both students and teachers. The students’ Multi-ROM  provides extra practice and autonomous learning opportunities both at school and at home, allowing students to play interactive games and sing along with the songs. The iTools classroom presentation software, designed for use with interactive whiteboard or projector, makes teaching more effective by including the Student Book on screen along with completed answers for each activity,  as well as interactive activities that can be played with the whole class. The Teacher’s Resource Multi-ROM provides printable worksheets and tests, along with test audio which can be played from the disc or downloaded to a portable device such as a smart phone.

The series is easy to use and a perfect fit for Brazilian teachers and students. Each level contains an optimum amount of material for the Brazilian school year, making it easy for teachers to create their year’s curriculum and for students to retain what they have learned. The series supports teachers in managing large classes in the following ways: the activities keep students motivated and engaged, thereby reducing disruption in class; the first example of each activity is supplied so students can immediately see how to do the activities without needing additional explanation from the teacher; and the Extra Work pages in the back of the book are ideal for fast finishers, or can be assigned for homework. The Teacher’s Books, in Portuguese, are very practical for use in class as they have large reproductions of each Student Book page, annotated with the answers, as well as practical teaching suggestions and ideas for extension activities. Along with these, additional components such as worksheets and the Student Multi-ROM mean that there is plenty of choice for schools with more hours of English.

Super Stars maximises language acquisition and retention through a spiralling syllabus that links new grammar to language students have already learned. The series enhances learning in the following ways: Each level starts with a welcome unit that reviews material from the previous level so that students can recall what they learned in the previous school year and new students can catch up. In every unit, new material is clearly and simply presented, followed up by thought-provoking practice activities, and opportunities for students to personalize the language.  Additional review takes place after every two units to further enhance retention. Learning is further reinforced through the Extra Work pages, worksheets and Student Multi-ROMs.