How do I use the readers?

Enjoying Potato Pals

Each book has a simple story and introduces kids to eight useful English sentences. Students can use these sentences to describe their daily lives.


Potato Pals readers use a special system called Memoricons. Memoricons help students to remember the sentences by reviewing and recycling the language in the readers.

Memoricons are the small circular pictures that appear on every second page of the books. Each time you turn the page, another Memoricon is added to the left-hand page. Students can review all of the preceding sentences until they come to the last page where they see all eight Memoricons and, with practice, they will be able to read the book just by looking at them.

Momoricons: A Language Memory Wheel


Memoricons are a unique system of learning and students will love the challenge of remembering useful English in this way.






Focus Words

Every Potato Pal reader contains lots of useful vocabulary. We have selected a number of words from each book that we feel are appropriate and useful for young learners to know. These words are listed on the back inside cover of the readers and are reviewed on the audio CD and in the Activity Book and Workbook.

Topic Words

Each reader also introduces eight Topic Words. These are words with a common theme, such as colors, numbers or shapes. The Topic Words help students use useful question and answer patterns. For example, the topic of ‘In the Morning’ is colors.

On every page of the reader there is a different color flower for the students to find. Through this feature, they can easily practice “What color is the flower?”, “It’s red” etc. This can be effectively practiced using the audio CD.